As one of the first one-year MBA programs in Iran, most of our graduates have made an indelible mark on business.
With many of our students leading some of the most notable companies in Iran, including:

  • Shabnam Shokri : Commercial Manager of Italian Alfa Romeo Faculty in Iran
  • Niki Kiani : Manager Owner of the second best laboratory in Iran
  • Sepideh Riazi : Manager of Human Resource of O-General Company
  • Naghme Taghvayee : Manager of Customer Service Department of a Shipping Company, Subdevidion of Republic Islamic of Iran Shipping Lines
  • Fardad Amir Moghadami : Chairman of Board of Directors Akhgarpour Zangan Company, Mine Field
  • Ali Sakhi : Managing Director of Nobico Company,Interior Design and Architecture Company
  • Shahab Hamidi Manesh : Active Member of UNESCO in Iran
  • Nima Fatehi : Cunductor
  • Mohamdreza Irannejad : Advisor to Managing Director of Saman Bank,one of the largest banks in Iran
  • Hassan Mirghalami : Manager Owner of Perperook Chain Restaurants in Iran
  • Alireza Safayee: Manager of Tous Hospital